Rescuing Children. Restoring Hope. Transforming Lives.
Drop in 2015 (16)

Arusha Drop-In Centre

In March 2012, the new (rented) Drop-In Centre in Arusha was started. The aim of this centre is to reach out to hardcore street children, helping to transition them from life on the street. On the streets they live on their own or in small groups and often still engage in glue-sniffing and other drug use. With time these children can be transitioned to Amani Children’s Home where they would have structure, end their drug use, and have an opportunity to get an education. If some of the older kids don’t want to come to the home, we find other ways for self-reliance.

Each week between 20 and 30 children come to the Drop-in and attend life-skills trainings and group sessions. At the centre, they can wash their clothes, bathe, relax, play and talk with Amani social workers.