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Counseling and Caregiving

Amani’s Upendo (Love) program was designed to ensure that every child in our care receives individual love and attention. The children meet regularly in groups of four with their Upendo group leader, one of the Amani caregivers. These small groups serve as family units. The children are encouraged to discuss their ideas, feelings, and concerns. They tell the caregiver if there are any problems with other children or if there’s anything they need, like a new pair of shoes or a toothbrush.

The Upendo groups also have topical discussions on issues like honesty, working hard in school, and helping others – the kinds of lessons the children would be learning if they were with their parents. Upendo groups are one way that Amani ensures that each child in our care receives personal attention and love.

Group Upendo sessions take place on the last Friday of every month. These sessions are open to all the children and are a safe, open discussion space for them to share views on different topics important to former street children and to help promote cohesion among the children.

In 2015, with support from a grant and a new child counselor, we started a series of new initiatives: one-on-one sessions, feeling sessions and case management/analysis meetings. All this initiatives help children deal with past traumas and overcome substance addictions, preparing them for a brighter future. Aditionaly we have developed a tailored life-skills training manual and conduct regular sessions with the children.