Rescuing Children. Restoring Hope. Transforming Lives.

Educating Children

Because our goal is to develop responsible, self-reliant young adults, Amani is committed to providing an education for each child we work with. The Amani children are educated through a variety of programs.

Amani supports children in local primary and secondary schools. Because of the often prohibitive expense of going to school as well as the many families who need their children to tend farms and livestock, only 54% of Tanzanian children complete primary school. We sponsor the education of children who live at Amani as well as the children who we have reunited with families in the community.

Many children rescued from a life on the streets have missed considerable amounts of time in their education. It isn’t an option to place them in classes with children their own age who have gone to school continuously. Amani’s Alternative Education Program provides children with a safe place to study and learn. The teachers at Amani have created a special fast-track curriculum that takes into consideration the unique needs of our kids. The program is officially registered by the Tanzanian government, which means that our students are able to sit for the same secondary school entrance exams as children who attend state-run schools.

Finally, Amani supports older children in vocational training programs. Children learn skills that will unlock opportunities for their futures. They may study carpentry, electrical repair, mechanics, or even traditional art and drumming!