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Board of Trustees

Amani is dedicated to sound management and financial integrity. Amani is governed by an external Board of Trustees – all well-respected leaders in the Moshi community, none of whom receive payment for their role in Amani’s supervision. The Trustees actively oversee the Amani’s progress, help plan for the future, and ensure financial integrity.

The Trustees consist of:

- Mr. Oziniel Kibwana (Interim Board Chair) – Retired senior lecturer at Moshi Co-operative University. He has a professional background in education, agriculture and community development; and over 40 years of experience working with community development oriented NGOs – at grassroots, national and international levels – in various capacities.

- Mr. Aat Van der Wel (Interim Board Secretary) – A Dutch citizen with a background in engineering, economics and marketing. Aat has been working and living in Tanzania since 1979. In Tanzania he worked in Netherlands official development assistance (rural water supply and private sector development). He also has experience in working in the Tanzania private sector.

- Mr. Peniel Uliwa (Board Treasurer) – A private sector development specialist with over 25 years of experience as a business adviser, research manager and senior program officer. He has worked in Tanzania and Zimbabwe and has done consultancy jobs in over 15 countries; leading multinational teams of experts on behalf of a range of major donor clients.

- Ms. Young Kimaro – Born in Korea, she is now a naturalized Tanzanian citizen. She has a Ph.D. ABD in economics and a life-long career in the World Bank. After retiring, she moved with her husband to Tanzania where she is involved in many social initiatives.

- Mr. Wilfred Moshi – Known for being the first (and still the only) Tanzanian to have climbed Mt. Everest. He is a renowned mountain guide and owner of a successful trekking company.

- Ms. Eutropia E. Ngido – A Tanzanian citizen with an extended career as a development management expert who currently works as a consultant for different NGOs in the area.

Amani is currently recruiting new Board Members. If you think you have experience that could be useful for Amani and would like to be involved in a great cause contact us at


Amani is a nationally registered Tanzanian Non-Governmental Organization, #0766. By virtue of its constitution, Amani is a non-profit organization. We regularly submit reports to the Tanzanian Social Welfare Department which monitors organizations working with vulnerable children.

Financial Statement / Audits

As a small, grassroots organization, all the money Amani receives directly benefits the children who turn to us for help. Amani is guided by our mission, constitution, organizational values and strategic plan. As part of our commitment to fiscal responsibility, we undergo an external audit on an annual basis.