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HIV/AIDS Program

Tanzania has an estimated HIV infection rate of 8%. That means it’s critical for every Tanzanian to know how the virus is spread and how to avoid becoming infected. This is especially important for the Amani children and youth, many of whom have lost parents to HIV/AIDS. Amani addresses this important issue with our kids through:

Education: Amani’s nurse teaches weekly health classes, where she dispels common myths about HIV and equips the students with facts. Health class also includes discussions about other important topics, such as hygiene, nutrition, and dental care. In addition, each month volunteer HIV/AIDS teachers come to Amani to give lessons, using creative methods to help the children understand and remember.

Testing and Counseling: As we discuss these issues openly in class, the nurse encourages children to be tested and emphasizes how important it is to know your HIV status. When children voluntarily choose to be tested, she and another caregiver accompany them to the testing place, where the child also receives counseling.

Treatment: If a child tests HIV+, Amani is committed to helping them live healthy, strong lives full of the same opportunities that every other child at Amani gets. They receive antibiotics and/or antiretroviral medicine depending on their health condition. Amani has a strict policy of confidentiality concerning those children living with HIV/AIDS.