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Singida Branch

Singida Branch

In 2016 we opened our first branch in a distant city in Tanzania: Singida. We choosed that city because a lot of the children at Amani come from that area, there are no other street­ children organizations and it is “well” connected by road with Moshi.

The children we rescue from the streets of Moshi and Arusha come from all over Tanzania. When they leave their homes in search of work they usually go to the closest (small or medium sized) city. After some time – weeks or months – ­they move to a bigger city where they think there will be more job opportunities.

The idea behind the satellites is to have small Amani Centers in those medium-sized cities where many children come from, to allow us to find them faster and bring them back to their families. As our social workers know too well, the sooner you find a child after he flees to the streets, the easier it is to bring them back home. The reason for this is that on the streets children often go through traumatic experiences and learn new social norms that are incompatible with family life.

The Singida Branch provides temporary shelter to up to 24 children, but its primary focus will is in reunification. If after six months we can’t find a permanent solution for the children they will be referred to Amani Children’s Home in Moshi, where they can receive long-­term care and attend our in­-house school. In May 2016 we received the first eight children at the center.