I am Isaac

It was the worst night of his life and Isaac was in despair. He just couldn’t believe it! He was rounded up from the streets by the police and now his life was destroyed. And why? He hadn’t done anything wrong. He just wanted to earn some money to go to school. Now, he would be sent to a correctional center, or to jail and – at only 13 – that would be the end.

Since he left home everything had gone wrong. Isaac’s dream was to finish school and have a “normal life.” But his family was in a very difficult situation and Isaac had to drop out of school. With little choice left, he decided to go to Arusha – “the big city” – to try and earn some money. Unfortunately after arriving and becoming homeless, he realized it all had just been a dream; his life would not change for the better and he would be on the streets forever.

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to school and plan for my future like other children, but I would remain on the streets” said Isaac.

Fortunately, Isaac’s bad luck turned to good that night. Unexpectedly, the police decided to give Isaac a chance and they put him on a bus to Moshi the next morning. They told him to go to Amani Children’s Home, where he would be able to get help.  Isaac was one of 2016’s 33 primary school graduates!