Meet Goodluck

Goodluck was living on the streets, alone, when he was only six years old. He already knew he would never have the opportunity to go to school. After his parents split up, he had to move away and no one was taking care of him. When he met the Amani street educator, hope was stronger than fear and he decided to come to Amani Children’s Home.

Amani enrolled him in school until he graduated from primary school. Then, Goodluck chose to study Vocational Training so he could find a job faster and help his siblings too. Thanks to Amani’s generous donors, Goodluck was able to start school that same year: he did great in his studies and graduated from his welding training. After doing an apprenticeship with a local welder, his hard-working nature earned him a job offer.

As with all Amani children, we are deeply proud of and supportive of Goodluck as he moves into adulthood. His Amani graduation pack included all the tools and clothes needed for his new job and some furniture for his new rented room. Goodluck is now ready and full of enthusiasm for his hard-earned new life!