In 2008 Amani Children’s Home continued to grow and rescued more children from a life on the streets than ever before. Amani supported the education of 214 children in a variety of programs in 2008. The children studying in Amani’s Non-Formal Education program are in class five days a week, taking courses in Swahili, English, math, science, history, sports, and performing and visual arts. Amani has five full-time Tanzanian teachers, plus volunteers in special needs, sports and art, creating an environment for the children to thrive both mentally and physically.

In 2008, 11 of 13 children passed their exams, making them eligible for placement in secondary school. This terrific success is the result of the diligent effort made by the children, as well as the dedicated work of Amani’s teachers. Amani’s social work department performed 198 home visits in 2008. Our social workers visit the homes of family members to learn if it would be a safe place for a child, to counsel the family on issues that may arise during and after reunification, and to follow up with reunited families. 32 children were reunified with family members.

In 2008, thanks to donor support, Amani put up a playground in the backyard for the children to enjoy. There are swings, a slide, tires to climb and a wooden bridge. Outside of class, the children can be found swinging, laughing and playing!