Amani Sets New Record for Primary Graduates: 33!

Amani Graduates

At the end of this 2016 you have 33 reasons to celebrate; 33 former homeless children – including 9 girls – proved to you that your support makes a difference. In September 2016, all these children graduated from primary school successfully, which we celebrated with a big party!

The results of the examinations showed almost 100% of our students passed the exams as compared to the Tanzanian average pass rate of 60%. And ALL 20 students from our in-house fast-track school passed their exams – that’s 100% success for the sixth year in a row!

“We grew up in difficult circumstances and never thought we would graduate from school.  We want to say thank you to Amani and all the donors who have given us the opportunity to get an education and have a better future” said Hamida.

This is an important milestone that opens the doors to many possible futures. With your support, these children can reach for the stars!

Thank you for believing in them.