Your support gives homeless children a home, education and a positive future. Your generosity transforms lives.

Fundraise for Amani

Amani is able to carry out its mission also through the assistance of generous supporters, who fundraise on the children’s behalf. Fundraisers help Amani by raising vital resources for the children and by bringing awareness to the plight of Tanzanian street children. There are many ways to fundraise and support Amani.

Meet Kaisa, one of our volunteers

"Looking at my volunteering experience, I feel very grateful that I was able to join Amani and get a glimpse into a life that was previously unknown to me. I miss this great organization and look forward to the day when I can revisit this place and refresh my fading Swahili skills. I recommend this experience to everyone and hope you find the courage to make the leap!"

Other Ways to Help

There are many more ways you can help, whether while visiting Tanzania, going on a safari, climbing the mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro, shopping at home, or pooling your friends to support your endeavors. We have many ideas and we can share what other Amani supporters have done.