Amani Children’s Home is committed to reducing the number of children living on the streets in Tanzania by providing a nurturing place for homeless children to heal, grow, and learn.

In addition to providing long-term care, Amani aims to reunite children with their relatives when possible and to equip their families with the tools they need to be self-sustainable. Amani is dedicated to creating a path for each child that leads to a future filled with hope.

We believe in and live by the following values:

BE AN EXAMPLEAmani caregivers are models of good morals and behavior. We are patient, mature, and make wise decisions in order to be a good model for the children as well as the community that surrounds us.

LOVEAmani caregivers are ready to help all children equally, without discriminating based on condition, gender, religion, or the environment which a child is in or which he/she came from. Caregivers are tolerant, perseverant, wise, and have the ability to protect confidential information about the children, other caregivers, and the organization.

THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCEAmani caregivers prioritize learning – learning from other caregivers, from our experiences (the action leaning cycle), and other various ways, with the goal of continually improving our job performance. Caregivers are inquisitive, investigating deep into situations before making a decision. We are creative, trying new methods to accomplish our responsibilities successfully, efficiently and appropriately, so that day after day, we pursue further excellence.

DEDICATIONAmani caregivers work with energy and commitment, volunteering to help out cheerfully where needed without needing to be supervised. We work from an inner drive, doing good and guiding the children in the path of good morals.

INTEGRITYAmani caregivers are trustworthy and faithful in all interactions with the children, the organization, and the surrounding community. Integrity has to do with how we handle our time, the material and financial resources of Amani, confidential information, and the way that we provide services to children and youth.

COLLABORATIONAs caregivers who all have the same goal of rescuing children, we help each other, correct each other, and teach each other. We are open, share ideas, and encourage each other, never discouraging each other, for the sake of developing Amani and helping the children.