Each Amani kid has individual talents, interests and dreams. Unfortunately, the children rescued by Amani also have their own unique story that led them to the streets and eventually to our care.

Children are driven away or leave their homes by a combination of factors including poverty, neglect, family crises, rising divorce rates, illness, as well as verbal, physical and sexual abuse. Once on the streets, children also face the threat of exploitation from peers and adults, constant hunger and a lack of access to health care or education. Sniffing glue and petrol is a common way to dull hunger pains and to escape the bleak reality they face on a daily basis while on the streets.

Children at Amani are a product of these complex social forces and have often experienced a lifetime of suffering by the time they come to us. Neglect, abuse and hunger leave trauma and scars, but Amani provides vital assistance, offering street children a safe home, health care and an education. We are also committed to giving the Amani children high quality care and love throughout the process, regardless of their age or background. Whenever possible, we reunify children with extended family members and support them by providing food and paying for school fees.

Amani children are incredibly brave and determined despite circumstances that would have brought most people down. They smile a lot, they love to play, they love to learn and they take good care of each other. Although new children come in regularly and others are reunified, the center retains a sense of family that we all cherish and are so proud to uphold.