Volunteers make an invaluable contribution to the lives of the Amani children. Amani Children’s Home welcomes volunteers with skills in a variety of areas.

Amani’s Ambassador Program for short-term visitors (2-10  days):

This short-term program gives volunteers the chance to experience life at Amani by spending time in different departments and seeing an overview of how we care for the children.  Ambassadors are so important to Amani because when you reach home, you will help spread the word about how great your time was with the Amani kids. As a local charity, Amani are always looking for people to help out and join our international family of supporters.

We ask ambassadors to raise a certain amount of money to help Amani rescue more children from the streets and pay for their basic needs. The funds raised by the ambassador can be donated to a specific project.

An average day as an Amani Ambassador can include…
* Assisting in our classes
* Helping the cooks make tasty Tanzanian meals
* Playing with the kids
* Fun sports activities with the kids
* Helping with special projects at Amani

If you are interested in our ambassador programme, please email us at volunteer@amanikids.org

You can read about the experiences of Amani’s Ambassadors Steven Harris and Benedikt, Tristan and Andreas. 

Amani’s Long-term Volunteer Program
 (6-18 months):

This program offers volunteers the chance to make a long-term difference to the lives of the children we care for at Amani. Amani supports more than 140 children per year in our Moshi Centre, so help for our permanent staff is very much needed and appreciated. There are three set positions under our volunteer program;

1  Visual Arts (art room) – (Available April 2019):
This position is for someone who will share their creative energy and artistic ability while teaching arts and crafts to the Amani children. The ideal applicant will also inspire the children to appreciate and explore their talents in art. As Amani’s Visual Arts volunteer, you’ll help the children express their thoughts, feelings and ideas through arts projects. You will work with students of all levels, from the new and young children at Amani aged around 8 to older children around 15 years old.

2  English Club & Library (Available August 2019):
You will inspire self-confidence in the Amani children as they learn English, expanding their communication skills and encouraging them to use resources as they go on their quest for knowledge. You will work with interested students of all ability levels, from emerging speakers and readers to those seeking a firm grasp of the language or simply enjoy reading. As English is the official second language of Tanzania, the skills that you give to the children will help them for the rest of their lives.

3  Health Assistant (nurse’s office) – (Available Now):
Use your healthcare knowledge and express your compassion for the Amani children while ensuring their overall health and well-being. As the Health Assistant, you’ll establish good healthcare practices as a priority for the children from the time they arrive at Amani, by taking new children for their entry physicals, conducting health interviews and starting their health history files, as well as throughout their time at Amani, by supporting the nurse as she treats the children for the minor injuries and illnesses of childhood.

If you are interested in one of our volunteer programs, please email us at: volunteer@amanikids.org.

Learn more about volunteering with Amani by reading the experiences of past Amani’s long-term volunteers Jay Berger and Kaisa and Sebastian Danielsson.