Steven: an Amani Ambassador

Steven Harris comes from the small farming community of Perthshire, in his native land of Scotland. Steven discovered Amani through Guerba and Intrepid Travel and his curiosity was immediately piqued. Inspired by Amani’s mission to reduce the number of homeless children in Africa, Steven jumped at the opportunity to become involved with the children and become an Amani Ambassador. When asked why he wanted to become an Ambassador, Steven said, “I got a strong feeling that Amani does great work – It really helps children and families who are in dire need of it. I wanted to contribute to the work they do.”

Amani Ambassadors raise vital funds prior to their time at Amani. Steven enjoyed knowing that his hard work would make an impact for the children here at Amani. He said, “Knowing that the fundraising that I was able to do for Amani will make a real difference; that myself, my family, friends and colleagues did something that has a material impact where it helps people who need it most.”

During his time at Amani, Steven shared a Scottish Culture Day with the children. “I wanted to teach the children a bit about my homeland.” Steven, being proud of his heritage, came prepared with maps and photos from home, including several of the hairy Highland cattle, native to Scotland. “The photos really amused the kids.” One of Harris’s best memories from his visit was when he taught the children about kilts. “We all made paper kilts out of paper and marker pens. I thought it was hilarious when they didn’t just want to make kilts, but also wanted to wear tartan shirts! It was pandemonium, and great fun. They so got into the spirit of it!”

It is experiences and stories like these that make Amani what it is. They not only improve the lives of the children who call Amani home, but to the Ambassadors lives alike. When asked what advice he would give to future volunteers he offered this: “Be open to the experience – embrace it whole-heartedly and just get sucked in. Amani is a very friendly place and the more you give the more you’ll get back. It’s a great feeling to be able to make a difference, both in terms of being able to raise funds that will go to a very good use, and to spend time with the children and put a smile on their faces. Amani is a very vibrant place.”