Amani Children’s Home is committed to reducing the number of street kids in Tanzania by providing a nurturing place for homeless children to heal, grow, and learn.


The reasons children go to the streets are unique to their individual situations. Often there isn’t one simple reason why a child is on the streets. Rather, a combination of factors drive children to a street life, including poverty, neglect, family breakdown, losing one or both parents to HIV/AIDS and verbal, physical, and sexual abuse.


Amani is committed to providing an education for each child we work with, enabling them to access a local primary and secondary school. Amani’s goal is to develop responsible and self-reliant young adults.

Reuniting families

We therefore aim to reunify children into the homes of extended family members, giving kids the chance to spend the rest of their childhood with a close relative.

Providing Care

Amani provides a safe and loving home, nutritious meals, and medical care to homeless children. Amani’s trained caregivers make sure that each child rescued from the streets is given love and attention as well as important life skills, restoring hope to their lives.

Many children arrive at Amani malnourished from living on the streets. The children receive three healthy meals a day. Thanks to good and nutritious food, they quickly become healthy and active.