Amani supporters have done some pretty amazing things to raise money. And they have new ideas every day. What will you do?

One of the primary ways that Amani is able to carry out its mission is through the assistance of generous supporters who raise money on the children’s behalf. Fundraisers help Amani by raising vital resources for the children and by raising awareness about the plight of Tanzanian orphans and street children.

Some examples of successful fundraisers Amani supporters have held in the past include:

  • Holding a bake sale or yard sale.
  • Organizing a benefit concert in honor of the Amani children.
  • Asking friends and family to make donations to Amani in lieu of birthday or anniversary gifts.
  • Having an “African Themed Night” with Tanzanian food, games and movies.
  • Quiz night.
  • Running a marathon.
  • Organizing a fundraising trek on Mt. Kilimanjaro – and visiting the Amani kids!

Online platforms make fundraising easy by offering personal pages with photos, the ability to share your fundraising page via email and social networks, and donation processing.  Amani friends have worked with platforms like GoFundMe, JustGiving, and Mightycause, but there are many others.

For more great ideas and to learn how to make your fundraiser a success, contact us!