Amani rescues homeless children and gives them loving care, the chance to go to school, and a hopeful future.

Why are there Street Children?

There’s no simple reason. A combination of poverty, neglect and abuse push children into the streets. Some lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. Too many children in Tanzania are forced to take care of themselves, homeless and alone, when they are as young as five years old.

Amani gives kids their childhood back. Without Amani, homeless children are trapped in poverty and neglect. With the generosity of people around the world, though, they can be rescued, given loving care, and even grow up to attend university!

Help a homeless child

A little goes a long way. You can put the smile back on a little boy or girl's face


Each kid at Amani has individual talents, interests and dreams. Unfortunately, all the children rescued by Amani also have their own unique story that led them to live on the streets, and eventually to our care.

I am Isaac

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Fundraise with a Safari
or with a Kili climb

You always dreamed of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and experiencing the epic migration of millions of wildebeest on a safari. Now you can do it, while fundraising for Amani’s children.